The term ‘sustainable’ encapsulates enduring practicality and a dedication to longevity. Worldwide, numerous enterprises, environmental advocates, and non-governmental entities tirelessly emphasise the critical importance of preserving the environment and using resources judiciously.

These stakeholders actively contribute to creating awareness, catalyzing meaningful initiatives, and fostering a collective consciousness of shared responsibility towards the planet.

Developers, acknowledging this responsibility, have been at the forefront of integrating essential features such as podium gardens, play areas, and sit-out zones. These elements resonate with buyers seeking homes that seamlessly blend indoor and outdoor living. An influx of innovation within the industry has introduced novel elements like yoga lawns, jogging tracks, fruit gardens, mist gardens, flower gardens, layered plantations, and green amphitheaters in residential projects. This harmonious infusion of nature into urban spaces bridges modern living and environmental consciousness. However, the evolution doesn’t stop here; the journey towards holistic sustainability is an ongoing endeavor.

In 2022, India secured the noteworthy second position on the U.S. Green Building Council’s prestigious list of top countries and regions for LEED certification. This recognition underscores India’s substantial strides towards fostering health-conscious, sustainable, and environmentally friendly resilient designs.

The country boasts an impressive count of 146 LEED-certified buildings and spaces, covering an expansive 2.8 million Gross Square Meters (GSM) of area. While India’s commercial buildings have spearheaded the embrace of eco-conscious practices, the residential sector is progressively exploring more modest approaches to green adaptation.

India’s real estate sector is leading the way in embracing responsible waste management practices. Witnessing a transformative shift towards sustainability, developers are incorporating eco-friendly building materials like recycled products and low-VOC paints, minimising their ecological footprint.

Initiatives for efficient waste management, including recycling and composting, further contribute to reducing environmental strain. Water conservation, another critical facet of sustainability, is actively pursued through the integration of water treatment plants and rainwater harvesting systems. These efforts ensure responsible water usage and align with the vision of a greener future.

In the pursuit of energy conservation, developers are harnessing abundant natural resources. Sunlight is leveraged to its full potential, and intelligent LED lighting systems illuminate communal spaces, striking a balance between modern conveniences and energy efficiency. Remarkably, a paradigm shift towards solar energy is taking place, underscoring India’s commitment to resource preservation and sustainable power generation.

The significance of sustainability in real estate extends beyond individual initiatives. Governmental bodies are crucial allies in this journey.

The Indian Green Building Council (IGBC), in collaboration with national and state governments, is spearheading the green construction movement across the nation. These efforts are reinforced by additional incentives, including increased Floor Area Ratio (FAR), tax rebates, scrutiny fee concessions, and subsidies, creating a favorable environment for sustainable building practices.

Recent events highlight the collective commitment towards greener real estate. The three-day property event in Hyderabad, organized by the IGBC and Confederation of Indian Industries (CII), showcased green-rated projects and products, reinforcing the nation’s dedication to sustainable practices.

The convergence of voluntary initiatives, governmental support, developer inclination, and buyer enthusiasm is propelling India towards a more sustainable tomorrow.

India’s real estate landscape is undergoing a profound transformation as sustainability takes center stage. The integration of nature-inspired designs, eco-friendly practices, and forward-thinking initiatives signifies a transition towards a greener future.

As the journey continues, India solidifies its position as a global leader in green buildings, paving the way for a more environmentally conscious and harmonious urban living experience.


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